Woofaste Dog Cooperative

a small group of dedicated individuals who, due to their vision of the soul of the dog, choose to give themselves, their time, effort and financial resources to help as many rescue dogs as they are able. Working with rescue and adoption groups in small rural areas and high kill animal shelters Woofaste volunteers take dogs into their homes to foster and rehabilitate or give life long sanctuary as well as taking dogs housed at local boarding kennels for weekend dog adoptions & weekday outings.  Not associated with any one dog rescue group, Woofaste rescuers find themselves faced with last chance dogs to rescue that often don't have any other alternative.  Not being a shelter and having no rescue facility, Woofaste does not take animals in from the public as they are already overwhelmed with the numbers of homeless dogs presenting their needy souls everyday.  If you are looking to foster or adopt and provide a beautiful canine soul with a loving temporary or permanent home, please send an email and we will make every effort to find the perfect heart connection for you!  Woofs!


Woofaste Dog Cooperative is

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Maureen O’Brien

(dog coordinator)

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